Welcome To DIEKB Website

DIEKB will provide a generic, multi-domain, multi-language and easily configurable approach to enable its use in both civilian and military applications. The innovation of the project lies in the resolution of scientific and technical obstacles at the intersection of artificial intelligence, progressive knowledge management and human and social sciences (SHS).

We Tackle Disinformation Using a Mix of Cutting-edge Technologies

NLP, Cognitive Science, AI Techniques

Ruled-based Approach

We use Knowledge Graph to enable reasoning capabilities over dynamic data.


Disinformation Typologie

DIEKB proposes a fine-grained approach to describe disinformation actions.

Scoring Algorithm

DIEKB will provide a new mechanism to rate multimodal information based on the veracity and reliability of the source.

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Want to further discuss? Feel free to reach out to Mondeca or send an email to info@mondeca.com